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Critical Illness and Life INsurance  

Critical Illness Life Insurance

Critical illness life insurance is some times taken for granted, with individuals thinking it is already included within their life insurance policy. So you could say that many people don't truly know what a life insurance policy fully entails and what exactly they are covered for.


In fact, many people who indeed have life insurance don't actually see the benefits of this insurance, with many regretting not ever having critical illness life insurance. Having critical illness insurance will cover you for any 'critical' illness or medical condition you may develop in later years which inhibits you from living your usual standard of life.

There is two options available when taking this kind of cover out and that is to have it as a 'single independent policy' or in conjunction with your life insurance policy.

When a critical illness life insurance policy is taken out by the insured, who is then diagnosed with a critical illness which happens to be covered within your policy, they are then eligible for a claim. Providing everything checks out in your policy, terms and conditions, your insurance company will pay out the sum your are insured for. Even when you make a full recovery and survive, the entire sum of money is yours.

You have to seriously consider purchasing critical illness life insurance for many reasons.

Critical Illness and Life Insurance

Would you be able to cope if you took seriously ill?
Critical Illness and Life Insurance Had to leave work for a number of months or even years?
Critical Illness and Life Insurance  Still had all the bills to pay?
Critical Illness and Life Insurance  What if you have a wife, kids and family?
Critical Illness and Life Insurance  How would they cope with the strain?
Critical Illness and Life Insurance  Would your finances take a turn for the worst?

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Taking all these factors into consideration makes it all seem worth while, doesn't it?

If you haven't yet taken out life insurance, or are about to, get them conjoined with each other, as the additional cost is usually very little to add this on, and for all the benefits, I think you would agree that it is well worth it.

To cut a long story short, life insurance insures your life, not an illness, hence the need for 'critical illness' insurance.  
As stated previously, many people think that they are all set with a single life insurance policy, and fair enough, if you died from your critical illness, your policy may pay out, but during the course of the illness, your all alone with the struggle.
So having this protection set in place for yourself will give you piece of mind in that if the unfortunate happened, you will have funds to cover you. Imagine it was a long term illness that required you to be in a wheelchair, you would need to get your house renovated to suit these needs. This is not cheap in any circumstance, never mind when your not even working. Your mortgage will continue to get paid and your  children will be able to aspire through higher education.

Now that all the 'Why's' are taken care of, when researching the best policy available for you, you may want to study the terms and conditions before hand. If you have had any problems in the past, or there is a history of a specific illness through out your family, you may not be qualified for a policy from one company, but with another. What also could happen is that the quote will have to go to under writing and they may make additional exclusions specific to your policy and raise the premium substantially to cover their backs.

Having a policy that covers as many illnesses as possible may also be a wise idea, as you never know what life has to bring. You could be preparing for the possibility of cancer due to the family history and actually end up blind for some unknown reason. The best way to do this is to simply shop around, to find the most reasonable price for what you want covered.

Getting this kind of protection is all very well, however, prices can vary and some people may just not want to pay money every month for something that may or may not happen, especially if the premium is relatively high. For this reason you would be better to visit a critical illness specialist to shop around for you which will enable a drilling down into your requirements and specify for your budget.

 Critical Illness Life Insurance

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Why Obtain a Critical Illness Insurance Plan?

Prior to addressing the issue as to the reason why we want a crucial sickness life insurance policy, why don't we discover what precisely a critical illness policy consists of. This is a plan that assists the covered through helping with money for any kind of required treatment which may turn out to be a life intimidating ailment.

Healthcare breakthroughs have accomplished excellent goals, and nowadays we are able to happily state that all of us have overcome numerous terrifying illnesses through discovering their particular cures. However, conversely, the price tag on obtaining treatment has increased substantially. Individuals occasionally don't make it through illnesses simply because they cannot deal with the money necessary for the procedure. The actual critical illness insurance plan comes to the assistance of the individual whenever he or she necessitates it when the time comes.

In contrast to additional health care insurance along with other insurance policies, which shell out for somebody following an agonizing event, the critical illness plan offers monetary assistance towards the insured. The best benefit would be that the insured is actually compensated a good lump sum payment on getting clinically determined with a severe condition, to ensure that he or she is capable of paying for the pricey hospital treatment which enables them to properly recuperate, aided by the post health-related relief medication and proper care. The large medical related expenses turn out to be relatively effortless to deal with, plus the insured doesn't have to search hard into their financial savings.

The critical illness insurance policy is extremely versatile in terms with the funds. The payments are usually unhindered, and the insured may put the cash to any kind of usage. He might make use of the one time payment to possibly completely or even partially pay toward their medication coupled with succeeding treatment.

The sole snag within this particular policy will be the fact that the individual protected within the critical illness policy has to endure a thirty day time period, known as the 'survival period' in order to declare the policy funds. In the event that the insured doesn't make it through this thirty day interval, his / her beneficiaries will certainly still always be eligible to their life insurance coverage.





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